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Track presentation

An edited transcript of the conversation follows. You start The Happiness Track with a story about an internship that gave you a view into two very different ways of working and of viewing success. Please tell us about that experience and what you learned. I worked for a major international newspaper out of Paris, France.

My role was to communicate between the editors, who were on the second floor, and mostly American, and then the press people, who were in the basement and were mostly French, blue-collar workers. It was so interesting to notice the difference.

Both groups were working Track presentation the same goal of getting a newspaper out by the following morning. Yet, there were two very different approaches toward that goal. On the second floor, people sat hunched over their computers, eating over their keyboards, not talking to each other.

It was a very tense atmosphere. It felt a little unhealthy, even, in terms of just the lack of communication and just the general mood you could feel. Then, whenever I would go down to the press section, people were outright festive.

There was food laid out. People were just welcoming me loudly into the room. Upstairs were more Americans, downstairs, more French people. But overall, what this experience shows is that people can be working toward the same goal and yet have two very different approaches.

The book is not about how French people do better than Americans in any way. No, not at all. But we have the misconception that, in order to be successful, we have to postpone our happiness. But if you really look at the data… if we prioritize our well-being, we actually end up being more productive, performing better, having better relationships with others.

Can you tell us how you would define happiness and a little more about the benefits of it? Happiness is often defined in one of two ways. Most people think of happiness in terms of hedonic happiness. In other words, the pleasurable experiences of life, and also, achievements, accomplishments, anything that gives you those brief highs.

What differentiates this kind of happiness is that it is brief. You get this boost.

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I would even call it a sense of fulfillment. That is a sense of happiness derived out of a sense of purpose, social connection in positive relationships with other people and even a sense of doing something for a greater good, something beyond our own self.Convention Symposium Materials The following materials were presented as part of previous USTFCCCA Conventions during coaching symposium sessions.

If you have more to share, please email Mike Corn at [email protected] In addition to the Track 7 written research paper requirement, each student is required to complete an oral presentation of their research at a place and time determined by the Instructor, toward the end of .

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Track presentation

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Track presentation

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