The choses

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The choses

Not all smaller exponents have been tested. The Lucas-Lehmer Test and Recent History Mersenne primes and therefore even perfect numbers are found using the following theorem: In pseudo-code this test is: The sequence S n is computed modulo 2p-1 to save time.

This test is ideal for binary computers because the division by 2p-1 in binary can be done using rotation and addition The choses. See the pages on proving primality for more information of proving The choses are prime. In Peter Barlow wrote in his text Theory of Numbers that "is the greatest [perfect number] that will be discovered; for as they are merely curious, without being useful, it is not likely that any person will attempt to find one beyond it.

Obviously no one in the late 's had any idea of the power of modern computers.

The choses

What might we know about the machines of 50 years from now? See also "Why find big primes?

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Bateman, had their postage meter changed to stamp " is prime" on each envelope. This was used until the four color theorem was proved in Bateman printed several copies of the earlier imprint--the image on the left is from one of these.

The 25th and 26th Mersenne primes were found by high-school students Laura Nickel and Landon Curt Nollwho, though they had little understanding of the mathematics involved, used Lucas' simple test on the local university's mainframe CSUH's CDC to find the next two primes.

Their discovery of the first prime made the national television news and the front page of the New York times. They went their separate ways after finding the first prime, but Noll kept the program running to find the second--so Noll claims complete ownership.

Noll searched later, and though he never found another Mersenne prime, he is one of a team that holds the record for the largest non-Mersenne prime.

He currently works for Silicon Graphics. Slowinskiwho works for Cray computers, has written a version of the Lucas test that he has convinced many Cray labs around the world to run in their spare time time that would be lost otherwise.

He had to delay announcing one of his prime records until he got permission to begin looking for it. Slowinski's search for record primes is "not so organized as you would suppose" his wordsas he does not search systematically.

In fact, looking at the table of Mersennes you see he missed the 29th prime but found the 30th and 31st. Enter George Woltmanan excellent programmer and organizer. Starting in late he gathered up the disparate databases and combined them into one.

Then he placed this database, and a free, highly optimized program for search for Mersennes onto the web. In late Scott Kurowski and others established PrimeNet to automate the selection of ranges and reporting of results for GIMPS, now almost anyone can join this search!

Conjectures and Unsolved Problems Is there an odd perfect number? We know that all even perfect numbers are a Mersenne prime times a power of two Theorem One abovebut what about odd perfect numbers?

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If there is one, then it is a perfect square times an odd power of a single prime; it is divisible by at least eight primes and has at least 75 prime factors not necessarily distinct [ Hare ], [ Hare ], [ IS ] with at least 9 distinct [ Nielsen ]; it has at least decimal digits [ BCR91 ]; and it has a prime divisor greater that [ Cohen87 ].

For more information see [ Ribenboim95 ] or [ Guy94 ]. Are there infinitely many Mersenne primes? Equivalently we could ask: Are there infinitely many even perfect numbers? The answer is probably yes because the harmonic series diverges. Are there infinitely many Mersenne composites?

The New Mersenne Conjecture: Let p be any odd natural number. If two of the following conditions hold, then so does the third: Notice how this conjecture is related to the theorem in the previous conjecture. See our page on The New Mersenne Conjecture for status information.

Is every Mersenne number 2p-1 square free? This falls more in the category of an open question to which we do not know the answerrather than a conjecture which we guess is true [ Guy94 section A3].

It is easy to show that if the square of a prime p divides a Mersenne, then p is a Wieferich prime and these are rare!

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Only two are known below 4,, and neither of these squared divide a Mersenne. Are these all prime?A Two young girl has lived in Paris special to sincerely, and they must have sexually contact starts to secret things.

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Property dualism, a philosophy of mind and a subbranch of emergent materialism; Epistemological dualism, a philosophical concept also known as representative realism, indirect realism.

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