Television shapes the soul

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Television shapes the soul

At GreatHearts, high school students have at the center of their day a two-hour Socratic conversation on works of great literature, philosophy, and history.

Television shapes the soul

How does the current array of technology in schools fit with the ages-old aspiration of forming thoughtful and reflective young men and women who will strive for a greater good beyond themselves?

If the first principle of education is to produce such individuals, how does educational technology support or deter from this purpose? Of course, learning has always been entwined with technology, and it always will be.

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If deployed properly, ed-tech can be an effective support to good teaching and content: As the learning scholars Frederick Hess and Bror Saxberg have clarified, schools and teachers that wisely use learning science to deploy tech in their classroom, as a craftsperson uses the right tool at the right time, have a real shot at enhancing student engagement and results.

What we need to question is not the technology but rather the assumptions behind its use. The opposite may be true. According to a recent Education Week analysis of data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the shares of 4th- and 8th-grade students using computers for math instruction grew rapidly from to I believe this is the ultimate project of schooling in our democracy, and the misapplication of ed-tech will put it at risk.

In a time of increasing political and economic polarization, we need conversation, empathy, and character woven into our public life. Schools are uniquely suited to fostering such abilities and qualities.

Googling can tell you billions of facts, and adaptive software can coach you to shore up your gaps in algebraic skills, but it is in conversation and community that we wrestle with the real questions of humanity.

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What does it mean to be a human being? Add to that the perennial moral questions we should ponder in our early years, such as what is my duty to myself, my family, my friends? We have created the conditions in which our students have limitless access to information but limited capacity to organize, analyze, and understand it.

The scarce quality among our children today is not intelligence but rather the ability to deliberate carefully, to see the multiple sides of an issue, and then to exercise sound judgment according to grounded values and proper ends.

Socrates put it another way: In the study of literature, history, ethics, science, and the arts, we can convert our classrooms into mini-republics that reveal the best of human nature as we study it.

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