Gcse coursework percentages

Beforethe grading scheme varied between examination boards, but typically there were "pass" grades of 1 to 6 and "fail" grades of 7 to 9.

Gcse coursework percentages

Nick Gibb, the schools minster, said the rise in the number of pupils from England, Wales and Northern Ireland getting a C grade or higher — up 0. The proportion doing as well in English fell by almost two percentage points, to It is the first time the pass rate in English has gone down in 20 years.

Examiners said the differences were partly explained by a series of changes to GCSEs in England that have come into force for the first time this year.

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These include an end to the system that allowed pupils to sit exams for some course units early which facilitated resits ; the removal of speaking and listening assessments from English; and "first results count", a new system that means resit results do not contribute to school league tables.

The Joint Council for Qualifications JCQwhich oversees the release of results, said that "first results count" had had a particular impact on the maths results, where getting pupils to sit the exam one year early was particularly common. Maths results improved not just for those getting a grade C or higher, but also for high achievers.

But JCQ said the fall in the proportion of pupils getting at least a C in English might be partly explained by candidates taking the exam in the autumn of last year, when it was the last chance to take it with the speaking and listening component included.

Andrew Hall, head of the exam board AQA, said: Schools who thought they had a candidate who was strong enough to take it in November did so. Not surprisingly, this has had an impact on outcomes.

There was a big increase in the proportion of pupils getting a C or higher in science, which rose from JCQ said this was also partly explained by the significant drop in the number of year-olds taking the exam because of the "first results count" rule.

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The number of pupils taking biology, chemistry or physics fell for the first time in 10 years. JCQ said this was partly owing to the increased focus on end-of-course exams, and partly to the introduction of further additional science GCSE.

There was an increase in the proportion of pupils getting a C or higher in biology up 0. Despite fears that the new focus on the end-of-course exam might disadvantage girls, the gap in the proportion of boys and girls getting a pass grade widened in girls' favour.

But among high achievers, the gap between girls and boys narrowed marginally. Katja Hall, the CBI deputy director general, said it was deeply disappointing that the number of pupils taking single science subjects had "fallen off a cliff-edge". There is no questions about that.

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But what you have got is a number of schools — it seems to be significant — who are reporting a number of unexpected results. The schools are not able to explain them simply by entry rules.Integers, fractions, decimals and percentages 13 Structure and calculation 13 Measures and accuracy 13 Ratio, proportion and rates of change 14 Appendix 3 - statistical enquiry cycle 3.

GCSE specifications in statistics must encourage students to develop statistical. Maths KS4 (GCSE) Name of Exam Board Edexcel Summer Term Fractions, decimals and percentages %Coursework / Examination etc In GCSE Mathematics, % of the course is assessed through examination at the end of Year Students will sit .

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Gcse coursework percentages

I am happy with my coursework result but I would like to view the marked work. Is this possible?

Gcse coursework percentages

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