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Sunday, March 06, Class 5 - Object Management Introduction On previous class we have talked about object lifecycle.

Ewasopenforwrite autocad

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Thank you for your consideration and support. Jogging Can be Bad for You Do you need to use object snap ewasopenforwrite autocad hatch objects? Some people do, but AutoCAD defaults to ignoring hatches. That isn't a bug -- it's a feature! Happy now?

ewasopenforwrite autocad

You will be, but only until you attempt to create a jogged linear dimension. Draw a linear dimension and make sure you have running object snaps turned on. Next, invoke the Dimjogline command Dimension, Jogged linear and pick your dimension.

At least it's a relatively well-behaved crash. Workaround: Before using the Dimjogline command, you can either turn off your running object snaps or temporarily tell AutoCAD to ignore hatches. The file defines a Dimjoglinefix command and a DJ short-form version of the same thing.

Upload this file using the usual methods for example, add it to the Appload command's Startup Suiteand you can use my safer version of the command instead of Dimjogline. That's What I Call Breaking Things The new Dimbreak command allows you to place gaps in dimension extension lines, a command that many people have been requesting for years.

It allows dimensions to be differentiated more clearly from other drawn objects, although it is frowned upon by some drafting standards. I don't want to get drawn into that debate; I'll just demonstrate a dastardly Dimbreak danger.

It's quite common for new commands and features to fail to cooperate with other commands and features, because it's difficult for Autodesk and its beta testers to try every possible combination of command, object, and feature.

This bug is different in that the new feature fails to cooperate with itself. If you accidentally break a dimension using itself, which can be done quite easily using the Dimbreak command's Multiple option, you have created a deadly dimension object.

If you use that object subsequently to break another dimension, you will kill AutoCAD. This crash is not well-behaved.

It provides no error messages; AutoCAD just vanishes without a trace, along with any unsaved work. No known workaround. Oh, Snap!

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You may find that it works on some blocks but not others.Nov 10,  · Link do service pack: Autocad LT:feelthefish.com Apr 10,  · If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Im trying to modify feelthefish.com file and overwrite feelthefish.com file once done, all that without opening it in autocad. I've read about RealDWG but the goal here is not to be in a standalone mode.

the autocad plugin runs from autocad and needs to modify and write to feelthefish.com files that are not opened in the current project. Performing Boolean operations on AutoCAD solids feelthefish.com It may well have been covered elsewhere (I admit to not having looked) but I felt like throwing some code together, either way.

To perform a Boolean operation between Solid3d objects inside AutoCAD, you can use feelthefish.comnOperation() on the primary Solid3d, passing in the secondary one.

AutoCAD eNotOpenForWrite. Ask Question 3. I'm programming an AutoCAD plugin in C#.NET. That causes AutoCAD to crash when it tries to add a new row of data to the table. I need to either re-enable writing and reading after the feelthefish.com call or set it up so that writing and reading are .

When AutoCAD is not running, the drawing is stored in the file system. Objects contained in a DWG file are identified by their handles. After the drawing is opened, the drawing information is accessible through the AcDbDatabase object.

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