Dina in chile

The first phase of the dictatorship was mainly destructive, aimed at rapid demobilization, depoliticization, and stabilization. Immediately on seizing power, the military junta -- composed of the commanders in chief of the army, navy, air force, and national police -- issued a barrage of decrees to restore order on its own terms. In the immediate aftermath of the coup, there was extensive repression, including summary executions of prisoners.

Dina in chile

History[ edit ] The origins of the Carabiniers can be traced back to night watchmen such as the Dragones de la Reina Queen's Dragoons created in and later renamed the Dragoons of Chile in and other organizations that fulfilled functions such as the watch and local policing. However, the main problem with these police services was that they were dependent on local authorities for day-to-day decision making.

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This led to local officials abusing this power for their own political ends. The Carabinier Regiment was then a Chilean Army unit, thus the reason why the Carabiniers of today sport military ranks and insignia. In the Carabiniers' School Escuela de Carabineros, currently located in Providencia was created, which until trained all officers and non-commissioned sworn personnel.

In its official coat of arms — two white crossed carbines in a green shield — was formally adopted. The service in became one of the pioneer mobile police forces in Latin America. By the Investigations Police of Chile was created in the basis of the investigations service.

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In the service received its own staff college, the Police Sciences Academy, and the mounted training squadron begame the present day NCO School in The Air Operations Prefecture, the air arm of the service, was raised in The next year, the Children and Fatherland Foundation was formed as its social responsibility arm for troubled kids and preteens.

As such, the Carabiniers' commander was a formal member of the Military Government Junta —as well as members of the institution taking on administrative roles, such as being in charge of the Ministry of Education.

Informal command of the service was handed over to the Chilean Ministry of National Defense, and it was integrated into the ranks and traditions of the Chilean Armed Forces as a result.

Untilthis was the case for the service, from that year onward it is a part of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security.

The Basic Training Center, which trains future personnel of the other ranks, was created in Today[ edit ] The Carabiniers' mission is to maintain or re-establish order and security in Chilean society through civic education, service to the community, police work, and in a war situation, to act as a military force all their members have military training.

Under the Chilean Constitution the Carabiniers are integrated directly into the Armed Forces in a state of emergency to better guarantee the public order. There is also an Elite Corps in charge of security in La Moneda Palace and for the President — the Presidential Guard Group whose cavalry troop is one of two horse guards units of the Republic, the latter having been raised recently and also serves as the youngest, and also sports a foot guards infantry battalion.

The Central National Band of the Carabinerosthe premiere representative marching band of the service created inoccasionally performs on state occasions and during the Guard Mounting at the La Moneda Palace and Citizenry Square on selected days with the Guard Group.

They travel in heavily armored trucks from which they can spray pressured water to control mobs. Emergencies[ edit ] The emergency number of the police is which is connected to the Central Communications CENCOclosest to the nearest location of a police station.

This number will provide medical help, police or fire support. If one would need to communicate directly with any of these services this list of numbers will be useful: This number connects directly to the Fire Station closest to the residence concerned, under the Chilean National Firefighters Council 's constituent fire services This number connects to the Maritime Rescue Unit Navy Aircraft inventory[ edit ] Carabineros de Chile operate 35 aircraft in support of their operations, including 10 helicopters.

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Recently, 5 Augusta AE [2] have been acquired.feelthefish.com tride. ussr. The Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional (English: National Intelligence Directorate) or DINA was the Chilean secret police in the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, and has been called Pinochet's Gestapo.

The DINA was established in November , as a Chilean Army intelligence unit headed by Colonel Manuel Contreras and vice-director Raúl feelthefish.com was separated from the army and made an. Carabiniers of Chile (Spanish: Carabineros de Chile) are the Chilean national police force, who have jurisdiction over the entire national territory of Chile..

Created in , their mission is to maintain order and create public respect for the laws of the country. They reported to the Ministerio de Defensa Nacional (Ministry of National Defense) through the Undersecretary of Carabiniers but.

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The DINA was key in consolidating Pinochet’s power in Chile by eliminating opposition. In order to determine the to what degree were show more content The CIA had these files in order to keep tabs on the Chilean government.

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Dina in chile

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