Army air force exchange services aafes

I have never seen a poorly run exchange and food court.

Army air force exchange services aafes

I have never seen a poorly run exchange and food court. It is pretty sad that when I go to subway today at get told that they are closed. Even with a hours of operation sign sitting right there on the walk saying So I called the food court and ask the person on the phone what time they close and they said So I asked then why am I sitting in your food court being told that you are closed.

Your Motto is you are everywhere I am is B. Also I have been in your BK and watch your employees fight in front of other customers.


Maybe something you might not want to do. Also the same subway at the main PX I saw employees sitting on the tables where they make the food. I see you are not making enough money to buy chairs. Also at the Charles there are people fight in front of customers as well. I mean what the hell is the GM Reda going to do about it.

Army air force exchange services aafes

Because it seem to me she failed. I know for a fact that you are losing a lot of business because everyone goes off post to eat because the service is better and oh yeah the food taste is better. You are only making money from the AIT soldiers that are stuck to the base.

All I can say is I expect better and every real soldier that already knows how good the exchange is wants better here at Fort Lee.

About the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)

So shack up your management because they are failing at these places. MCS, and the the barber on the ordnance side. Right now fort lee get a -4 stars. Sam Lucero December 21, at 3: I was informed that a employee who worked there over 30 years in the video dept.

She was telling just a few weeks ago how stressed out she was due to Mr. Copper the store manager. He was watching her every move from coming in, helping customers and this was on camera.

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She even told me she was working on something and he thought she was using her brothers account there and she asked me if someone in that position is aloud to go into someone else star account because I retired working in the Human Services dept.

She also informed me that before moving into the new store Mr.

Army air force exchange services aafes

Copper approached her and was touching her with his finger on her chest. I told her that she should of called the MP but she was afraid to lose her job. She feels he is a racist and was out to get her. Well it looks like Mr. Copper got what he wanted.

I hope she files a case againist you guys. Green November 29, at 8: The headquarters store in Mesquite, Texas as well as some other headquarter stores do not have any blacks on staff. There were at least 12 employees including mgmt and no black employees.

Yet during my 40 minute visit, there were at least 7 black customers. Brandi Dunlap November 29, at 4:*Valid November , , at Army & Air Force Exchange facilities and Discount will be applied automatically at the register when MILITARY STAR is used for payment.

S. Walton Walker Blvd, Dallas, Tx [email protected] New Hires. Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Europe US Army, Europe Looking for more information from military/civilian personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S.

Army in Germany from to If you have any stories or . Aafes self service. Aafes self service, known as Army and Air Force Exchange Service is a service of the U.

S. Department of mission is to provide quality products and services customers need and comfort authorized uniformly low prices to generate a reasonable profit to supplement the forfeited funds to support the army of the United States Air Force morale, welfare and recreation.

Press Releases Army and Air Force Exchange Service Awards Fuel Management Contract to FuelQuest Details Published on Tuesday, 09 March AAFES - ARMY AND AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE - Europe.

Newcomers to Europe are often surprised to discover that they have hardly left home as far as shopping is concerned.

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