An analysis of the conflicts between nativist and irish immigrant gangs in gangs of new york a movie

The area boasted some 17 brothels and countless saloons; for dark-side amusement and thrills, Five Points was the place. Davy Crockett remarked after a trip through the neighborhood that he would rather venture into Indian Country than ever return there. Though as history the film is bunk, it nevertheless has a wonderfully evocative feel. The accent is anachronistic, however:

An analysis of the conflicts between nativist and irish immigrant gangs in gangs of new york a movie

Scorsese went to great lengths to authentically recreate old New York City, building a massive set in Italy that replicated how the city used to look. The attitudes towards Irish immigrants, blacks, the Civil War, and those within and outside of politics were dead on and realistic according to the history of the time.

This film portrays a brutal look at the history of America, and one of its most treasured cities. Gangs of New York is also a scary reminder of some of the attitudes some still carry in the present. History always shows we are not that far from the past. Speaking of warnings, I will be using quotes from the movie, and some of them contain very rough language.

These Gangs of New York quotes will contain racial slurs used to illustrate the attitudes of Americans towards the Irish immigrants of that time.

While Scorsese took some artistic liberties, much of the history depicted in the film is based on historical characters and attitudes of the time.

Historian Tyler Anbinder worked with Scorsese while he was making the film and dispelled many of the inaccuracies in the book.

While there was certainly lawlessness and violence in the city of New York, the Five Points area was no more violent than any other part of the city. While many of the characters in Gangs of New York are based off real people, others were combined from multiple sources or made up altogether.

The Five Points neighborhood in Manhattan. Each of the Five Points is a finger. When I close my hand, it becomes a fist. And, if I wish, I can turn it against you. The pond was a main source of fresh drinking water for the city. As a result, many businesses were erected along the shores of the pond and contaminated it in a short period.

The pollution became a problem and a hazard. It was proposed to be cleaned and used as a centerpiece or a recreational park, but that proposal was rejected. Instead, it was decided to fill in the pond, and the land fill was done poorly. Buried vegetation began to release methane gas, which is a natural by-product of decomposition.

An analysis of the conflicts between nativist and irish immigrant gangs in gangs of new york a movie

The area also lacked adequate storm sewers. Because of the poorly filled in land, houses and buildings shifted on their foundations. The place was infested with mosquitos due to the poor drainage. In essence, it stunk, and the place was filled with disease. Nobody wanted to live there except the poorest of the poor.

The Five Points Neighborhood in "Gangs of New York"

When the Irish began immigrating to the city in large droves largely due to the Great Irish famine of —, Irish immigrants began piling into the Five Points and making the neighborhood their new home. Generally regarded as one of the all-time greats, Daniel Day-Lewis is the only male actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor 3 times.

He was nominated for his performance in "Gangs of New York" in While some of the characters in the film were fictional and not based on real historical figures, the character of Bill Cutting was. The main difference is that in Gangs of New York, Cutting survives to see the civil war and participates in the draft riots ofwhereas Poole was shot to death in In classic fashion Daniel Day-Lewis spent an extreme amount of time getting into his role, spending time working with multiple professional butchers so that he could more authentically portray Bill the Butcher.

Additionally, DDL resurrected an old New York accent for his role that would have fit in with the period. He managed to capture the seething rage and distrust of the Irish that was prominent during the period. The Know Nothing was a movement created by Nativists who believed that the overwhelming immigration of German and Irish Catholic immigrants was a threat to republican values and controlled by the Pope in Rome.

They were dubbed the Know-Nothings by outsiders of their semi-secret organization. This had nothing to do with them knowing anything. Also unlike in the movie, William Poole was shot in real life.Scattered relocation to other segregated, high-crime areas of the city dislocated people from long-established social networks and increased friction and violence among Chicago gangs.

New York faced similar economic pressures from deindustrialization through the same period. Nov 14,  · The mentality of a Nativist is best summed up in a quote from Bill the Butcher (the main antagonist of the movie Gangs of New York) which says "These Irish people do for a nickel what a n***** did for a dime and what a white man used to do for a quarter).

An analysis of the conflicts between nativist and irish immigrant gangs in gangs of new york a movie

Dec 20,  · GANGS OF NEW YORK,'' Martin Scorsese's brutal, flawed and indelible epic of 19th-century urban criminality, begins in a mud-walled, torchlighted cavern, where a . The Native American Party, renamed the American Party in and commonly known as the Know Nothing movement, was an American nativist political party that operated nationally in the mids.

It was primarily anti-Catholic, xenophobic, and hostile to immigration, Colors: Red White Blue, (United States national colors). New York City – The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

With an estimated population of 8,, distributed over an area of about square miles. The new film Gangs of New York is an American story. It is a tale of vendetta as a family legacy set against the historical background of ethnic feuds in New York City in At the center of the story is Amsterdam Vallon, who has returned to the Five Points neighborhood of Lower Manhattan after growing up in an asylum.

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